Partners! Supporters! Everyone interested!

Since 2007 the work of CPYWD Ghana has been supported via Stichting Ghana Haarlem. In 2011 it was time for a new step, the establishment of our own foundation, Stichting Partnership Ghana! This is the way to professionalize our work and to strenghten our Partnerships. Our final aim is that within 5-10 years CPYWD is a sustainable organisation without depending on European funds. A lot of things have been achieved the past 3 years.

Time for a party, are you joining us???

Everyone involved is welcome to our Ghanaian party. Via 2 short films of the projects in Ghana we will present our work with beautiful images made by the volunteer Janka Burtzlaff. But off course this is not all, we will enjoy African Percussion, Ghanaian snacks and drinks! Enough opportunities to interact and enjoy.