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Yesterday, Maartje Bos finished second in her category ‘Good’ at the Viva 400 votings for the most successful young women of 2011. After winner Dina-Perla Marciano she got the most votes. During a great women-only-dinner in Amsterdam, the winners were announced. Among the winners were celebs as Carice van Houten!

We congratulate Maartje with this great achievement and thank all the people who supported her by bringing their votes!

Video-impression from Viva 400 award event

In Bimbilla (Ghana) 150 women are trained as beekeepers and an organic Honey is build. Honey is healthy and beekeeping is environment friendly. Bees are necessary and important for the whole ecological cycle. Do you know that all over the world bees are dying by crowds? Luckily in Africa not yet.
Besides all the benefits for nature the women are able to generate an extra income by themselves, which enables them to send their children to school and get health insurance.

This film is made by Janka Burtzlaff, CPYWD volunteer in 2010

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