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Learning can be fun!

Community Partnership for Youth and Women Development (CPYWD) organizes After school Programs in Tamale (Northern-Ghana) for the youth. Local community workers stimulate the children to express them selve, show their creativity, be self-confidence and critical. The local volunteers work use the PAC man Approach, Positivm, Activity & Creativity. The children who attend the programs are a mix of children who go to school and who don’t go to school. It stimulates the children to go to school and in the aftertoon they learn to bring the theory into practice. A beautiful combination! Schools, teachers, chiefs, parents and the local government are involved.

Kick off Party!

Partners! Supporters! Everyone interested!

Since 2007 the work of CPYWD Ghana has been supported via Stichting Ghana Haarlem. In 2011 it was time for a new step, the establishment of our own foundation, Stichting Partnership Ghana! This is the way to professionalize our work and to strenghten our Partnerships. Our final aim is that within 5-10 years CPYWD is a sustainable organisation without depending on European funds. A lot of things have been achieved the past 3 years.

Time for a party, are you joining us???

Everyone involved is welcome to our Ghanaian party. Via 2 short films of the projects in Ghana we will present our work with beautiful images made by the volunteer Janka Burtzlaff. But off course this is not all, we will enjoy African Percussion, Ghanaian snacks and drinks! Enough opportunities to interact and enjoy.

In April/May our partner organisation Youth Service Initiative (YSI) went to Ghana for 3 weeks. They made a beautiful film. Enjoy watching it!

YSI in Ghana 2011. from YSI Europe on Vimeo.

On friday the 22th of April Youth Service Initiative organises a Ghana-benefit dinner in Utrecht @ Resto van Harte.

YSI is our very reliable and pleasant partner since 2007. YSI offers a volunteer year program for young people all of the world in order to learn to role an active and inspiring role in a community and to gain experience in this. They work together in a team and each year they go to Ghana to assist on our youth programs.

This April the 25th they already will leave to Ghana for almost 3 weeks. They will work on the finishing of the construction of the Discovery Centre and particilate in several social and cultural programs. Check YSI’s Website for more information and you can download the invitation as well (see below).

Don’t miss it, the program will be very interresting! To join the dinner you have to register yourself!

Bijlage: Ghana_BenefitDinner_Flyer_0804.jpg

HAARLEM – On this beautiful sunny day we officially established the Dutch foundation Partnership Ghana, chamber of commerce number 52199436. This will enable us to support the projects of Community Partnership Ghana and to strengthen our partnership with all the partners we work with.

As the European Representative of Community Partnership Ghana (CPYWD) Maartje Bos was a commitee member of Foundation Ghana Haarlem (2007-2010). We are now ready for the next step, to continue this work with our own partners, vision and identity.

Hereby we introduce you to our commitee signing the offical papers @ the notary:

Maartje Bos

Ruben Koeckhoven
Secretary & Treasurer

Jacqueline Schmidt

Sanne Peters (volunteer coordinator) will also join as a commitee member and Theo Cappon, Aliya Shakirova and Jasper Seger (Dutch coordinator from micro credit project Tamale) will be work group members.

The 4th of June we will organize a kick-off to celebrate the establishment of our foundation with all partners, volunteers and everyone who supports us!

Bureau Aardewerk made a very nice promotion film about the beekeeping project, Maartje Bos was interviewed and beautiful images of Ghana and the beekeeping project are shown. The images of Ghana are made by Janka Burtzlaff a documentary maker and (formal) volunteer of our project.

Terre de Femmes/Yves Rocher from Bureau Aardewerk on Vimeo.

With great honour and proudness, we can announce to you that Maartje Bos, the European Representative of Partnership Ghana, received the second price of the Terre de Femmes Environment award, distributed by Yves Rocher Foundation.

2e prijs de 3 winaressen

speech Beekeeping demonstratie met Maartje

The €3.000 received will be used for our beekeeping project. At this moment there is still €6000 needed, so this award helps us to finish this phase of the project. Thank you Yves Rocher Foundation. This inspired us to continue with our work and to not give up! See attachment for press release (in Dutch). For more information see also the website of Yves Rocher.

Bijlage: TDF Persbericht_2011[1]

Maartje Bos, the European Representative of Community Partnership Ghana is one of the winners of the ‘Terres de Femmes Environment Award’.

We are honoured to receive this kind of acknowledgement for our work and in particular the beekeeping project. Therefore we like to invite you to the granting on January 27th, Thursday, in Amsterdam, ‘Huize te Frankendael’ (middenweg 72). The doors will be open at 16.00 AM and the program will start 16.30 hrs. Hope to meet you there. See attachment for invitation!

Bijlage: uitnodiging_TerredeFemmes_YR[1].pdf

On the 16th of January 2011 we will organize a Ghanastudy day for everyone interested in volunteering in Ghana!

So if you always had a dream to go to Ghana and you want bring this into reality this is your change. The aim of the day is to prepare volunteers who are interested to go to Ghana as a volunteer for their stay. What can you expect of Ghana and volunteering there? Via workshops we will demonstrate how we work in Ghana and how you can contribute. Ex-volunteers will also be present and special guests. If you are interested to support our foundation in Holland as a volunteer (instead of going to Ghana) you can also welcome to come.

See attachments for program and invitation.

Bijlage: Uitnodiging Ghana ontmoetingsdag 16 jan.doc, Programma studiedag 16 januari 2011.pdf

We are happy to announce to you that on the 19th of December 2010 we will organize a Harp and voice Benefit concert

Karstine Hovingh is the chairman of foundation Beesupport and at a same time a beautiful soprano singer and Maartje Bos is a harpist.  


what else do you wish for? On a sunday afternoon you can enjoy a beautiful and diverse concert around Christmas time with harp-voice duo’s, harp solo’s and Christimas songs and at the same time support our women Beekeepers in Ghana and improve the environment, for bees, nature as well as human. To make sure seats are available, please reserve tickets ( 


Date: Sunday December 19th, 2010 


Time: 16.00 hours, doors open for coffee @ 15.30 hrs
Location: Karthuizenstraat 167, Amsterdam
Costs: €12,50, including hot chocolate/coffee tea.
Gluwein and other also available!

Bijlage: Uitnodiging_BeeSupport.pdf

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