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Dear friends of Ghana, on the 12th of October we organize a wine tasting dinner in Uitgeest. Vreeburg Uitgeest (local ‘slijterij’) selected a combination of fine delicious wines (red, white & rose). No drinking without eating, so we’ll serve you with some nice finger food. It will be an informal and pleasant evening including live harp music! Interested in learning more about wines and support our programs in Ghana? You are very much welcome. Doors are open @ 19.00 hrs.

Join us and stimulate all your senses in the historical Church of Uitgeest.

Invitation Wine Tasting Event

On the 5th of sept Elos NL ( will organize a
Community of Practice about Non Violent communication, together with Maartje Bos. We’ll dive into the challenge of dealing with resistance of people during oasis games and in work/life in general. For instance, restistance to change or to try new things. Everyone interested is welcome. We’ll have guests from Brazil who are very experienced in non violent communicationg. I’ll be co-facilitating the workshop whereby I will also make use of my work experiences in Amsterdam.
To me the ‘oasis’ evenings are always very inspiring with a good combination of having fun, sharing ideas and knowledge and practical experience.
Hope to meet you there! see invitation below for more information!

Invitation_Elos CoP_Non violent communication

Staff CPYWD & Board FPGT

Foundation Partnership Ghana (Stichting Partnership Ghana) reports a successful first year! Together with partner CPYWD they worked on their educational and beekeeping-projects in North-Ghana.

All volunteers and donors, thank you!!!!!

jaarverslag 2011 Stichting Partnership Ghana

During their visit to Ghana in january 2012, Maartje Bos and Sanne Peters brought the thoughts of Janusz Korczak further into practice. They let the children from Tamale express their basic emotions (happy, glad, angry, scared) in the most beautiful pictures!

And, for the facilitators Sanne and Maartje organized a competition for the best participating community and for the best facilitator.

impressieverslag Korczak activiteiten Ghana jan 2012

In january, three boardmembers of FPG (Foundation Partnership Ghana), Maartje Bos, Sanne Peters and Ruben Koeckhoven visited the CPYWD-projects in Ghana. During their two-week-stay they were hosted by Yakubu Iddrisu, director of CPYWD. Together with CPYWD many meetings were organized with the staff, the facilitators of the ASP’s (After School Programs), the beekeepers, and a mini-conference was held with local partners and potential partners. All these meetings were very fruitful: long-term visions were developed and short-term actionplans were worked out. But most impressive were the visits to the communities to see the ASP’s and to meet the beekeepers and see their (colonized!) hives!

Yesterday, Maartje Bos finished second in her category ‘Good’ at the Viva 400 votings for the most successful young women of 2011. After winner Dina-Perla Marciano she got the most votes. During a great women-only-dinner in Amsterdam, the winners were announced. Among the winners were celebs as Carice van Houten!

We congratulate Maartje with this great achievement and thank all the people who supported her by bringing their votes!

Video-impression from Viva 400 award event

Phase 2 of our Beekeeping Project is completed. In this phase of the project, all the participants received their beehives and protective clothing. Furthermore they got all the basic trainings in beekeeping, and the Tahima center is now completed  with honey- and wax production-equipment. Today Stichting Partnership Ghana sent their report of this phase to Impulsis.



Maartje is selected by the viva under the categorie ‘goed’ (good). Viva found her due to the second price she won for the environment award of the Yves Rocher Fondation. Vote for her via You do need to register first.

Thank you very much, we appreciate it a lot!

Newsletter september 2011

CPYWD is very happy to present her first newsletter of 2011, with a new look and feel. CPYWD, founded in Gha- na in 2006, has the vision of “Safe, just and sustain- able communities on the full and healthy participation of youth and women taking their rightful positions in deci- sion making and dignity”. With this vision, we’ve been trying hard in our range of activities, going from After School programs for the youth, to Beekeeping programs for Women. We are at an exciting place in our project as we come close to finishing our Discovery Centre, and are preparing to receive more international volunteers. We thank all for your support throughout the years. Please enjoy reading our newsletter.

Download newsletter september 2011 (PDF).

In Bimbilla (Ghana) 150 women are trained as beekeepers and an organic Honey is build. Honey is healthy and beekeeping is environment friendly. Bees are necessary and important for the whole ecological cycle. Do you know that all over the world bees are dying by crowds? Luckily in Africa not yet.
Besides all the benefits for nature the women are able to generate an extra income by themselves, which enables them to send their children to school and get health insurance.

This film is made by Janka Burtzlaff, CPYWD volunteer in 2010

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