Who we are

Community Partnership for Youth and Women Development Ghana (CPYWD) is a multi purposed community based Ghanaian NGO operating in Northern Ghana. (it’s non-commercial, not religious and not for self-gain). CPYWD is active since 2006 and officially registered as a NGO in 2007 (registration number: G-19, 979). The activities of CPYWD are run by Ghanaian staff members and local volunteers. In order to maintain and support the programs of CPYWD, the Dutch foundation ´Partnership Ghana´ is established. Youth Service Initative (YSI), Korczak Association, Impulsis and Beesupport are our structural partners.

Since 2007 European (mainly Dutch) volunteers are also assisting on the projects in order to further intensify and expand the effects of the activities of CPYWD in the Ghanaian communities. In this way the strengths of the Ghanaian and the European culture are brought together and combined in the implementation of the activities.


CPYWD is an initiative of Yakubu Iddrisu (executive director) who wanted to support the people in his surrounding communities to be more self-supportive. As a former teacher, he especially had eye for the children who suffer from the poor education system and he was also progressive by seeking a way to make the women economically and thereby mentally more self-supporting. To make a long story short, the Ghanaian staff of CPYWD realized it is a hard way to grow up in Ghana. There is a need to stimulate children and youngsters in their development and to let them experience that learning is fun! The mothers are most close to their children and are most capable to support their children. But they need to be empowered. Since the establishment of the organization, Maartje Bos (Dutch) is involved as the European Representative.

Our vision is “to create safe, just and sustainable communities with the full and healthy participation of young people and women, taking their rightful positions in decision making and dignity”.

Our goal is to develop the communities by improving the dignity and self-esteem of youth and women. This can be improved by creating awareness and increasing their active participation in leadership and decision making. The focus hereby is on education and influencing the mind and skills of youth and women in a sustainable way.

What we do

We focus on the rights and development of Children and Women. They are one of the most vulnerable people living in Ghana. The organization is building partnerships with communities; either schools, youth or women groups and communities as a whole to promote their development. The project operates in rural areas in the Tamale, Tolon/Kumbungu and Bimbilla District (see also map). It has its office in Gurugu, Tamale.CPYWD offers the two following programs:



CPYWD is dedicated to build partnership with the communities and to form youth and women groups (clubs). Led by interns and (community) volunteers, these groups have the chance to explore their interests and to acquire social and lifestyle skills. We focus on stimulating the social structures within and between the communities, and on building the capacity of the people. The community members are responsible for the development of their community by their selves! Through these social structures CPYWD builds the capacity of the local people. Eventually the communities should take over the lead and adapt CPYWD’s ideas and inspiration in their lifestyle.