CPYWD is run by volunteers in Ghana and in the Netherlands. Enthusiastic volunteers who have skills and experiences in working with youth and women are mostly welcome to participate in our programs! Below, we will provide you with information about volunteering in Ghana.


Depending on your wishes, qualities and initiatives, you can involve in the following activities:

  • Executing the after school with activities in cooperation the Ghanese staff
  • Introducing new activities (new games) or new ways to work with the youth (e.g. sports, dance and music)
  • Contributing in executing and developing the training program for Ghanese youth group leaders
  • Thinking along about policy and organizational issues
  • Doing research
  • Participate in the beekeeping activities in Bimbilla

What we offer

  • Support during the preparation
  • Residence in a host family (including two meals, breakfast and dinner)
  • Pick-up service from Accra airport
  • Introduction program
  • Guidance during your stay in Ghana


We expect you to be initiative, motivated and independent. The minimum age is 18 years and we would like you to stay 2 months or longer.


We are doing everything we can to keep the program costs for volunteers as low as possible. Since we are a non-profit making volunteer organization, we don’t have the sources to suppor volunteers financially. However, when you apply to programs like xplore (www.xplore.nl), you can get a subsidy, when you meet the expecations.
The table below gives an overview of the costs for a volunteer. The cost of participation includes:

  • Meals at host family
  • Internal arrangement and orientation on the project
  • Support to the project
  • Sleep over in Accra
  • The optional pick up service includes:
  • Guiding during travel Accra-Tamale
  • Accommodation (1-2 nights) in guesthouse in Accra
  • Visit to two important national sites in Accra (e.g. beach, parliament house, Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum etc.)

Experiences from other volunteers

Maria (19) – in Tamale from June – August 2008
When I was in Tamale, I tried to continue the work of Saskia. I’ve lead youth groups in several communities in Tamale. Each day, I worked with a group of youngsters aged 11-18. I played games with them and held discussions about several topics. While working for CPYWD, I noticed that the Ghanese youth leaders had a need to get to know the learning-through-play-approach of CPYWD. Therefore, I started with developing workshops for Ghanese youth leaders.
What moved me the most about working with the youngsters was their lack of self-confidence. I realised that living as a youngster in Ghana is very different compare to my life. It made me really happy to see that ‘ my boys’ gained proud and confidence when they were told what they were good at and when they were able to help each other accomplishing a goal. One day, some guys of a community build a bridge themselves over a road which was flooded, because of the heavy rain. They made it possible that children out of communities in the neighbourhood were able to cross the road again and go to school.

Procedure and application form

Our Dutch contact person for volunteers is Maartje Bos: maartje_bos@hotmail.com. If you’re interested in volunteering in Ghana, you can fill in the application form. When you’ve got questions about volunteering at CPYWD, she’s also available for you.

The procedure for volunteers is the following: after filling in the application form, you will have a meeting with Maartje. In this meeting you’ll talk about the possibilities for you in Ghana, and about the mutual expectations and wishes.
When CPYWD seems like the right place for you, you can start with your preparation. Maartje will be your contact person for practical questions and you will also be introduced to our CPYWD workgroup in the Netherlands. Here you can meet volunteers who have been to Ghana before and you will be kept up to date of the latest news from Tamale. Attending at least one meeting is required.


General conditions CPYWD volunteer dec 2010 (Dutch)

Manual After School Program (S. Kruissen)

Manual ASP for facilitators2

Manual ASP for facilitators 1



Evaluation_Research ASP’s june2009

Research for Volunteer Continuity Plan

Bogu review Meeting(facilitators meeting)

Bogu Brainstorming.