Children at Katariga school during creative program CPYWD

Children at Katariga school during creative program CPYWD

CPYWD; programs for Youth and Women

women with daughter

At this moment CPYWD implements three core projects:

Both projects are supported by Impulsis

In the Netherlands Foundation Ghana Haarlem is responsible to raise funds for the beekeeping project. Our After School Programs are executed in collaboration with the CPYWD staff, community volunteers and foreign volunteers. Volunteers are welcome to join our staff in Ghana and contribute to the development of Northern Ghana and to build the capacity of our organisation. The Dutch Ghana workgroup (of the Korczak Association is responsible to recruit and prepare our volunteers. See ´volunteers´ for more information. In collaboration with our partner organisation Youth Service Initiative play we have build play parks in 4 communities for our youth, located at the schools.

At this moment we are raising funds for the YSI Youth Project 2010. We have the ambition to build a Youth Discovery Centre.