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Year Report 2014

In 2014 the projects of CPYWD in Ghana were continued and became more and more self-sustainable. SPG renewed and professionalized their coöperation with CPYWD, and raised most of the funds needed for the continuation of the youthprojects in 2015. Read more in our year report.

High Tea for Ghana!

Ter ondersteuning van de Stichting Partnership Ghana (SPG) organiseert de stichting WerkgroepOntwikkelingsSamenwerking Uitgeest (WOSU) een Classic High Tea, verzorgd door de koks van “IJmond Werkt”. Op zondag 31 mei a.s. bent u van harte welkom in gebouw “De Opmaat” aan de Zienlaan 3 in Uitgeest. U wordt bijgepraat over de laatste ontwikkelingen rondom de projecten voor jongeren van de SPG.
high tea

Talentontwikkeling is de sleutel, waardoor de jongeren in Ghana meer zelfvertrouwen krijgen. Dit geldt ook voor de koks van “IJmond Werkt”. Op duurzame wijze wordt in Ghana hieraan gewerkt samen met de scholen en de dorpsgemeenschappen. De WOSU ondersteunt de projecten van SPG sinds 2007.

De High Tea duurt van 14.30 uur (inloop 14.00 uur) tot 17.00 en de entreeprijs is € 12,50 p.p. excl. drankjes, incl. koffie en thee.

U kunt zich opgeven bij Maartje Bos, tel. 06-19039645, email en Fred Maquiné  – tel. 06-23407362, email


Year Report 2013

In 2013, we continued our educational and beekeepingprojects in Ghana. Our volunteer Lara Berk worked and studied for a couple of months in Tamale. Our year report contains the highlights of her visit and her report about our projects, and more….foto jaarverslag 2013

Year Report 2013


Graduation Research Lara Berk

Lara Berk, graduated at Hogeschool In Holland Haarlem, did her graduation research in the first half of 2013 in Ghana. She studied our organization CPYWD and the main question she tried to answer was how to make the projects in the communities more self sustainable. Her most important recommendations:

– Make a distinction between junior and senior facilitators, make trainers out of senior facilitators.
– Be honest and clear to everyone. Work with clear (SMART) goals and start evaluating.
– Start giving ‘refreshment trainings’.
– Invest in the motivation of the facilitators (appreciation, livelihood and rewards).
– Invest in the relation between facilitators and the relation between facilitators and staff members.
– Start searching for a way to solve the future shortage of facilitators.

Graduation Research Lara Berk

Year Report 2012

In our report we present the most important results we achieved in 2012. In 2012 CPYWD introduced computer lessons to the children in the communities around Tamale, and further distributed the principles of Korczak into our youth programs. In the beekeeping project a new group of 25 women received their trainings and their hives.

Year Report 2012 Foundation Partnership Ghana

For our foundation in The Netherlands, we are now looking for an enthousiastic new member of our board. We now have a vacancy for a secretary, but a boardmember specialized in fundraising or who is able to participate actively in our board meetings is also more than welcome. Further information can be found in the text of the vacancy. Or you can call Maartje (chairman) or Ruben (secretary and treasurer).

On february 10th, we won the third price for the ‘Goede Doelen Award’ from Booksforlife Nijmegen. Booksforlife Nijmegen owns a shop in Nijmegen and sells second hand books daily. Many quality books can be found in the shop for only a few euros (max €4). 90% of the sales goes to social projects, distributed each year.
There was a lot of interest for the award-event and we had good competition from 2 other quality projects. Kompas Mengelmoes, a local city initiative won the first price. It was very nice to see that so many women in Nijmegen are reached to let them participate in society in a creative and low-profile way. For the third price we received a cheque of €600. We are grateful, this stimulates us to continue our work. With thanks to the team of booksforlife Nijmegen!

Nomination Books 4 Life !

First of all we wish you a happy new year. The year starts very good for us. Booksforlife Nijmegen decided to nominate us for their yearly ‘goede doelen’ (developmental project) award. We are very honoured and proud to be selected.
On the 10th of February Books for Life wll celebrate this with an event where the projects will be represented. You are welcome to come, your vote counts if you are part of this! Don’t miss this spectacular granting! The project with the most votes will win!
See also Booksforlife

In the wonderful ambiance of the church of Uitgeest, our wine tasting event was very succesfull!
On behalf of the projects in Ghana, the WOSU organized a tasting party together with Vreeburgs slijterij (liquor store) in Uitgeest. Accompanied by harp-music by chairwoman Maartje Bos, about 60 guests tasted some of the most delicious wines. The final returns have to be rated yet, but we raised about € 600 from entrance fees and our guests ordered a lot of the wines they tasted! Thank you very much! It is still possible to order these delicious wines from our list

Dear friends of Ghana, on the 12th of October we organize a wine tasting dinner in Uitgeest. Vreeburg Uitgeest (local ‘slijterij’) selected a combination of fine delicious wines (red, white & rose). No drinking without eating, so we’ll serve you with some nice finger food. It will be an informal and pleasant evening including live harp music! Interested in learning more about wines and support our programs in Ghana? You are very much welcome. Doors are open @ 19.00 hrs.

Join us and stimulate all your senses in the historical Church of Uitgeest.

Invitation Wine Tasting Event

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